Understanding Your Immune System

The Gaspar’s Best Guide for a Healthy Immune System

The immune system protects your body from outside invaders, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and toxins. It is made up of different organs, cells, and proteins that work together. This is your rapid response system. It patrols your body and is the first to respond when it finds an invader. The innate immune system is inherited and is active from the moment you are born. When this system recognizes an invader, it goes into action immediately.

Your immune system is incredibly complex. It has to be well built enough and sophisticated enough to fight off numerous illnesses and infections, but not so powerful that it overreacts unnecessarily, bringing about allergies and other disorders. In spite of its complexity, there are everyday lifestyle habits you can focus on to help give your immune system what it needs to fight off an infection or illness.

Your Immune System Is Critical
Your immune system is your body’s defense against infections and other harmful invaders. Without it, you would constantly get sick from bacteria or viruses. Learning how to keep your immune system strong is the best strategy for optimal self-defense and good health as you age. Today, more than ever, in the face of a pandemic, it is essential to strengthen your defenses. Your first and best line of defense against all of these dangers is a healthy immune system.
What factors affect your immune system health?

As with your other bodily systems, many factors affect the health of your immune system. These include:

It’s important to tell your doctor about your diet, family history, and other factors that might not be immediately apparent so they can help you safeguard your immune system.

Supplements for the Immune System
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