Healthy Brain, Healthy Life!

The Gaspar’s Best Guide to Better Brain Health

The human brain is the command center for the nervous system and empowers memory, thoughts, movement, and emotions by a complex function that is the highest product of biological evolution. Maintaining a healthy brain during one’s life is the uppermost goal in pursuing health and longevity. As the population ages, the burden of neurological disorders and challenges for the preservation of brain health increase. It is therefore essential to understand what brain health is and why it is crucial to your mental state and health.

Brain and Mind Health Is Critical

The importance of heart health has long been promoted, but brain health is just as crucial for our ability to think, act and live well. Brain health is about lowering risk factors, keeping your mind active, and getting the most out of your brain as you age.

What factors affect brain health?

As with your other bodily systems, many factors affect the mind and brain. These include:

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Dental Health
  • Infections
  • Diet
  • Anemia
  • Activity Level

It’s essential to tell your doctor about your family history, diet, and other factors that might not be immediately apparent so they can help you safeguard your brain and mental health.

Supplements for the Brain

Gaspar’s Best Phosphatidyl Serine Complex
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Ortho Molecular Lithium Orotate
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Ortho Molecular NuAdapt
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