Reading Food Labels – Tips To Make You a Pro

Tips for reading food labels

So…you stroll up to the grocery store. You’ve got your list. It says, “buy granola”. You navigate the complex maze of aisles. Then, when you’ve finally found the appropriate aisle, you see an overwhelming amount of products. You’ve got whole grain granola. There’s organic granola. Then there’s this brand. Then there’s that brand. Sometimes, there’s a sales rep promoting a specific brand. The question is…how the heck do you decide? Which will I enjoy? Which is the healthiest? How can I balance “enjoying food” and “being healthy”? Those are all really common quandaries and that is exactly why reading food labels is such an important skill.

In this episode, we teamed up with Registered Dietitian, Tara Gerke, to talk about tips for reading food labels. There are some really simple things you can do that will dramatically simplify your buying experience at the grocery store AND help you make healthy choices. Click below to watch our video. If you want to read the full blog post with tips, check out Tara’s blog post on reading the nutrition facts on food labels.

Our Video on reading food labels with Tara Gerke, RD

In conclusion

I hope you found our video helpful! Remember, don’t over-complicate things. Nutrition and wellness is not about one product or always being “perfect”. Trust me, you’ll go insane if you think of food as a binary thing (i.e., “good” or “bad”). There is a wide spectrum of foods you can choose at any given time. These foods range in how much nutritional value they have. Reading food labels is a great way to help evaluate where on the spectrum a food lies.

There are always “healthier” choices. Don’t overthink it. You should strive to make healthier choices the majority of the time. Of course, you’re going to choose some “unhealthy” foods every now and then. But, if you think of food as “good” or “bad”, you may end up putting way too much pressure on yourself and not being as healthy mentally. Don’t worry about always being “perfect”. Just focus on choosing healthier options the majority of the time. Getting great at reading food labels is a great way to help make that happen!

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