There is NO such thing as good or bad food


You guys are full of it! Of course there’s good and bad food!

No good food or bad I posted this title online and that’s basically the response I received. A TON of skepticism. But, hear me out! There’s a method to the madness. For a video version of this post, check out the FREE Facebook Live webinar we did with HB Pharmacy You can find a link to that webinar here: Free webinar on food as a spectrum

Video Summary

Just to give some quick hits… basically, we discussed that it’s really hard to bucket food into two categories as simple as “GOOD” or “BAD”. For example, take my absolute favorite food in the world: peanut butter. Seriously, if I were stuck on a desert island and could chose ANYTHING, including some sort of companionship, I’d choose peanut butter. No joke. Anyway, sorry for the digression, but peanut butter has protein, which is great. BUT, peanut butter is high in omega-6s, which are inflammatory fats. Plus, peanut butter is very high in fat, so it’s super high in calories. If you eat too much of it, you’re going to WAY surpass your recommended daily caloric intake (trust me…I’ve been there). Doing that, means you’ll gain weight at a very basic level. So, let’s summarize:
  • High protein – great!
  • High inflammatory fats – not bad, but not so great
  • High in fat – not bad
Does that mean it’s bad? Or good? No? Ok, so then what does it mean? It means that it can be a part of a healthy lifestyle, but you should eat this food in moderation. See how hard it is to bucket something into two categories? Or how about ranch dressing. You don’t need to be a nutrition expert to know that ranch dressing probably isn’t the healthiest choice, at least most commercially available dressings. BUT, if the alternative is that you WILL eat your veggies as opposed to eating no veggies, is a little ranch dressing gonna kill you? NO! So how BAD really is that dressing that may help you eat more good stuff? Food isn’t just “what it says on the label”; there’s a functional and emotional aspect to it, too! My point is this: often times, we as people are what make food “unhealthy” and “bad” because we consume too much of it and choose to prepare it in less nutritious ways. Food itself has a lot of pros and cons and we should think mindfully about food in this sense. If you look at food as a spectrum from more nutritious to less nutritious, you’ll start to improve your relationship with food, take the pressure of “I can’t eat this” off of yourself, and learn to make MORE nutritious choices than less nutritious choices. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation!

Do you like this philosophy?

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