Knowing Your Skin & Nails

The Gaspar’s Best Guide to Healthy Skin & Nails

Have you experienced signs of vitamin deficiencies, such as brittle hair and nails? When it comes to nurturing outer beauty, the best results come from optimizing nutrition from the inside out, providing nourishment tailored skin and nails to maintain a healthy appearance.

There is a long list of beauty-boosting nutrients, and many of the foods and nutrients that help skin also benefit hair and nails. This is because both are made of similar kinds of tissue. In addition to specific nutrients, many lifestyle habits may also contribute to healthy skin and nails, such as quality, restorative sleep, stress management, hydration, and avoiding or minimizing exposure to harmful substances, like pollution, excessive alcohol, and tobacco smoke.

In addition to adopting a healthy lifestyle, optimizing nutrition can make a big impact on the look and health of skin, and nails. In fact, many different nutrient deficiencies and insufficiencies are linked with skin and nails. These nutrients include vitamin K, B vitamins, dietary protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamin A.

Signs of unhealthy skin and nails include:

If you are experiencing any of the above, you will likely want to make some diet and lifestyle changes. For example, vitamins and protein will go a long way. We have also provided a handy guide to supplements that can help support healthy skin and nails.

Skin and Nail Supplements
There are a wide range of supplements one can take to better support healthy function of skin and nails.
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