Ananda Professional Cooling Comfort Hemp-Infused Socks


Designed to reduce irritation, promote circulation, and provide superior comfort for long-lasting support, the Cooling Comfort Socks are idea for diabetic foot care.



Designed to help reduce irritation, promote circulation, and provide superior comfort for long-lasting support, the Cooling Comfort Socks are idea for diabetic foot care, or anyone looking for relief from foot inflammation related to circulation challenges.

  • Constructed with HEMP BLACK / element odor-neutralizing and antimicrobial technology for lasting freshness
  • Seamless stitch shaping techniques offer a contour fit with left (L) and right (R) indicated on each sock
  • Moisture management yarns keep feet cool, dry, and comfortable
  • Engineered with plush performance yarns made from recycled plastic bottles


  • Odor eliminating
  • Made in the USA
  • Soft Stretch
  • Cooling Air Flow
  • Moisture Wicking

Pairs perfectly with the Ananda Professional CBD Topical Cooling Lotion.


Hemp Extract Infused Textiles

HEMP BLACK / element is a strategically engineered fiber that introduces Ananda’s full spectrum hemp flower extract, into the garment. This is structurally different than other materials that have recently emerged in the hemp oil space in a significant way. Those other garments are essentially coated with a layer of hemp extract, which allows the oil to easily deteriorate and wash off. Similar to Cupron, Hemp Black’s technology embeds hemp flower extract into the DNA of the fiber. This means that the hemp extract will not wear off or wash out in this product.

The antimicrobial copper and hemp flower extract is engineered into the yarn/material through patented technology. This can help reduce the possibility of infection by eliminating bacteria.

65% Acrylic, 23% recycled polyester (HEMP BLACK / element – a Polyester/hemp extract blend), 11% Nylon, 1% Lycra SPANDEX.


The Cooling Comfort Socks are recommended to be used in the Advanced Foot Comfort System. This is the ideal daily routine for diabetic patients suffering from nerve pain, and in preventing injury common in diabetes.

This three-step system includes the Cooling Comfort Socks, Cooling Lotion, and Full Spectrum Softgels. When used harmoniously, the socks protect from injury and increase comfort, while the lotion offers targeted relief, deep moisturization, and promotes circulation. To take results to the next level, we added the full spectrum softgels to deliver full-body, systemic results.


These socks are unisex and come in 3 sizes:

Men: 5.5 – 8.5
Women: 7 – 9.5

Men: 9 – 12
Women: 10 – 12.5

Extra Large
Men: 12.5 – 14
Women: 13+

Why are these socks ideal for diabetic patients?

Due to elevated blood sugar levels, patients with diabetes are often susceptible to developing blisters and ulcers. A callus can develop, crack open and get infected if there is sheer friction from a foot rubbing or moving around in their shoe. A therapeutic sock can help reduce the sheer friction by providing padding and a glove like fitting surrounding the foot.

Are these socks only for diabetic patients?

No – anyone can wear these socks for added comfort and relief.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in
Size / Color

MED – Black, LRG – Black, XL – Black, Med – White, LRG – White, XL – White