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Hey there! My name is Vince Gaspar Bellitti. Thanks so much for checking out our site! A few years ago, we created Gaspar’s Best® at HB Pharmacy (98 Ridge Road, North Arlington, NJ 07031) to commemorate the memory and values of Gaspar Bellitti: a pharmacist, HB Pharmacy’s founder, and my grandfather. HB Pharmacy is a retail and compounding pharmacy.

Pharmacy Pharmacists Supplements Staff
We'll Be Honest
If we think something won't help you (even if it's our product), we'll tell you not to take it!
We'll Be Genuine
We're here to listen and offer sincere guidance!
We'll Be Accountable
If we screwed up, we'll make it right!
We'll Find The Answer
If we aren't sure, we'll look into it for you!
We'll Save You Money
If we can take out some of the guess work, you'll save money in the long run!
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Pharmacy Pharmacists Supplements Staff

We Are A Family of Pharmacists

My father, John, is a pharmacist and him and I run HB Pharmacy today as a third generation small business. We’ve been taking care of our community in North Arlington, NJ since 1964.

I know I know…what’s a family of pharmacists doing talking about wellness online?

Fun fact…me, my father, our pharmacists, and my grandfather before us talk to everyone who walks through our doors about taking as little medication as possible! Kinda counterintuitive, huh? But that’s what makes us different!

If there’s one other thing my grandfather taught me, it’s this:

Healthcare is about honesty, compassion, and knowledgeable people you can trust. We also understand that trust is earned, not given. We hope to earn your trust here at Gaspar’s Best.


As a pharmacy, we were named the 2016 Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year. This is a national award for independent pharmacies with over 5,000 pharmacies in contention. However, we realized that we weren’t doing enough for our community. You see, pharmacy and a lot of healthcare by nature is REACTIVE. You get sick, you go to the doctor or take medication. We believe that it’s not just our job to dispense medication at the pharmacy. It’s also our job to help get people OFF of their medication. What’s the best way to achieve this? By being PROACTIVE and helping you understand how to stay healthy and well in the first place. Thus, Gaspar’s Best was born.
Pharmacy Pharmacists Supplements Staff


Well, that’s a long story. If you’ve seen me in any videos we’ve done thus far, then you know I’m not a short-winded person! But I’ll do my best 🙂

I was a self-conscious and chubby kid as a child. As an adult, my weight went through some ups and down, too. Being honest, my biggest challenges with my weight weren’t on my body at all…they were in my head!!!!

At one point, I dropped 50lbs and then regained over 30lbs all within the span of a few months!!!

I did some CRAZY things to lose the weight…and of course went back to doing some crazy things to gain it again.

Then everything changed.

It took failed relationships, a failed business, and failing health for me to get out of my own way, but I finally learned to look at wellness more holistically.

I quit the crash diets. I quit the bingeing. I quit the over-working and the impatience. I started appreciating the journey. I started keeping it simple. I started focusing on being a little bit better every day. I started paying attention and being mindful about everything I did.

Slowly but surely, my physical and mental health improved. I “slipped up” less and, when I did, it was ok! The more I appreciated the journey and that every day is a new opportunity to grow, learn, and adapt, the more I continued to reach my goals. That’s why I’m here.

To me, Gaspar’s Best is not just about sharing my grandfather’s values and continuing my family’s proactive care legacy.

I’ve personally witnessed the power that taking control of your health and wellness can have on your physical and mental health. That is what inspired me to become a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

I’m here to share that same sense of accomplishment, purpose, happiness, and ultimately help you rediscover your “you” just like I did by building a healthy lifestyle.