Brain Nutrients That Can Help With Anti-Aging

Brain Nutrients That Can Help Slow the Aging Process

Thanks for reading our post! Though, if you check out the video, I promise you’ll love/hate the dad joke I start with. This post and video are all about brain nutrients. Did you know that your brain and all of its neurons need stimulation, oxygen, and glucose (sugar) to function properly? You probably knew about the oxygen and stimulation, but not the sugar. Interesting, huh? Now, that doesn’t mean you should hit up Starbucks and guzzle down a fully sweetened 4 pump Frappuccino to improve your brain health. However, it is true that your brain uses glucose (the simplest form of sugar in your body) for energy when it communicates with the rest of your body.

In fact, as we age, neurodegeneration and conditions like Alzheimer’s are many times related to a combination of those three things that have caused damage over time. As you probably guessed, this is a vast oversimplification of how your brain works. The truth is there is nothing that can stop father time from having an impact on your brain and body. However, there are some ways you can help prevent and even slow down degeneration in your brain by improving blood flow, sugar utilization, and decreasing stress and inflammation in your brain. There are many different brain nutrients and compounds that can help out with that. These things include DHA fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories like curcumin and resveratrol, and ginkgo biloba.

Here Comes The Video

In this video, HB Pharmacy pharmacist, James Park, is going to focus on one of these nutrients, called phosphatidyl serine. Phosphatidyl serine assists in maintaining adequate glucose utilization in your brain and also may help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by minimizing the formation of amyloid plaque. This accumulates on neurons and is one major contributor to the development of Alzheimer’s. Again, nothing can stop father time and these brain nutrients may not be effective for everyone, depending on your condition. However, it may help as an adjunct therapy with other medication. Check it out!

Phosphatidyl Serine Complex and other brain nutrients may help slow down the aging process.Further Brain Nutrient Information

Like we’ve said, nothing will stop father time. However, there are some things that can help slow it down and a combined approach (holistic and medicine-based) works best.

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If you’re interested in further information about fighting Alzheimer’s Disease from our experience, watch this video below. My father and pharmacist, John Bellitti, discusses how he helps patients manage the disease and how he handled it when Gaspar (my grandfather), went through it.

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