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Behind the Counter


Our show consists of candid conversations with experts on practical ways to be healthier

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As a national award-winning pharmacy that's been helping people be proactive about their health since 1964, we know a thing or two about people.

Here's what we believe in and share on our show:

✔️ An "individualized approach"...not "one-size-fits all"

✔️ Facts AND opinions! And we'll tell you which is which!

✔️ Practical advice you can apply every day

✔️ Our perspective on health as qualified professionals

✔️ Our perspective as humans


Join the conversation and take ownership of your health!


Episodes filmed third Thursday of every month at 12pm Eastern Time. To join live, please like HB Pharmacy on Facebook or follow Gaspar's Best on Instagram. For original seasons, keep scrollin!

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13 Responses

  1. Kathleen Duffy says:

    Enjoyed Behind the Counter
    Thank you ???

  2. Kurt H. Mathews says:

    Thank You Guys for “Behind the Counter”. Just figured I’d let you know how I usually fall asleep. I listen to either the
    news or a talk show on the radio at a very low volume. This usually quiets my brain down and allows me to doze off.

    Thanks Again, Kurt

    • Vince Gaspar Bellitti says:

      Thanks for the comment, Kurt! Glad to hear it 🙂 and that’s a great idea! Similar to what I try to do as well, but with the radio you don’t have a TV or phone screen, which is ideal. Great suggestion! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kurt H. Mathews says:

    I really enjoy the webcams and find them very informative. The interaction between between Vince and his grandmother was nice. Thank You,
    Kurt H. Mathews

  4. Norma Bregen says:

    Thank you for putting together these sessions. I found them very helpful and I’m looking forward to year two. My method of clearing my thoughts in order to sleep is to replace them with silent prayers.

    Thank you also for letting us know that, if we have questions, we can turn to the professionals at HB Pharmacy.

    • Vince Gaspar Bellitti says:

      Thanks so much for the feedback, Norma! Glad you feel that way. Our whole mission is to empower people to be an advocate for themselves as patients and not be afraid to ask necessary questions!

  5. Kurt H. Mathews says:

    I really enjoyed Season 1 and look forward to #2. How about a future show about when someone should decide to go
    to the doctor/ER rather than self treat? I would find that very helpful and relevant for I recently fell and injured my
    shoulder. Then, after an ambulance ride, doctor check, and x-rays, I was told to wear a sling and rest. I had told my
    wife that was what I wanted to do in the first place. When is something serious enough that it requires professional
    care? Thanks, Kurt H. Mathews

    • Vince Gaspar Bellitti says:

      Great idea! That’s definitely a common question. We’ll see if we can find someone to include in an episode to discuss that topic!

  6. Gina says:

    Thank you for the very informative and entertaining episodes! I look forward to the next season. Thank you for including different guests as well.

  7. Joanne Toole says:

    I just listened for the first time after John told me that my Godmother was part of a few shows. You both were great. As an added plus – I now have my aunt recorded to treasure her wisdom forever. Best of luck with future seasons! I will be listening!

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