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Behind the Counter

Candid Conversations With Experts On How To Live Longer, Healthier Lives In A Practical Way

An original show by HB Pharmacy and Gaspar's Best®. Season one starts September 2019!


We want to change that. As a national award-winning pharmacy that's been helping patients since 1964, we've seen a thing or two. We're taking it to the next level with our show, Behind the Counter.

We'll give you the facts. We'll give you the truth. We'll give you our candid perspective as qualified practitioners but, more importantly, our perspective as humans.



In season one, our topic is breaking down treatments and methods to manage stress, anxiety, and mental health.

It's no secret that prescription drug abuse is a big problem these days, so we figured that'd be a great place to start since it's right in our wheelhouse as pharmacists!

Here are our season 1 episode topics:

  • Prescription medication for stress and anxiety and the differences between them
  • Prescription abuse for stress and anxiety medication
  • Alternatives to medication for kids with academic stress and anxiety
  • Sleep aids for kids who can't sleep
  • Is CBD legit, can it help me, and how do I take it?
  • How to look for a quality CBD product
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Product comparison for sleep: OTC drugs vs. OTC supplements
  • Product comparison for stress/anxiety: OTC drugs vs. OTC supplements
  • What's new? Current events related to stress and anxiety medication

Each episode will be 5 - 20 minutes long and feature pharmacists and other clinical practitioners.

Remember, this will be PRACTICAL and REAL! We're people too 🙂

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